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really long, possibly boring ReaperCon writeup

Wow, I don't even know where to start...

Thank you all for an absolutely awesome weekend! I hesitate to start naming names because I'll probably leave someone out but I'll give it a try anyway...

Just as I knew they would be, the ReaperPeeps were awesome. Special thanks to ReaperBryan for being all-around awesome and always having time for us in spite of all the insanity (and thanks for baking me that bandage!). LadyStorm had answers for all my questions and was a pro at making sure I knew where to be, all with a smile. Reaper Matt and GoldenEagle were both great to talk to and extremely patient with my babblings. Despite his busy schedule, Talin answered all my questions about his beautiful drawings and let me squee to my heart's content. Tim the New Guy was a blast to hang out with and always ready with a joke. Sandra Garrity was just as lovely as I'd hoped, and did a great job of remaining calm when I first saw her and started yelling "I'm not worthy!" Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie are just as great people as they are artists, and I was thrilled to wave Bobby Jackson over to show him some Deathseekers in action. Lord Baasen was terrifically calm and collected in his job running the Warlord tournament.

I took five painting classes and learned something in each one of them. Jenova, Anne, Jen Haley, Marike, and Liliana are all amazingly talented painters with a gift for sharing their knowledge, and it was an honor to study at the brushes of each of you.

Lanse (aka Herr Oberfroschmeister) deserves special credit for giving me three hours of the hardest laughing of my life, Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom ("yes, the treasure is shiny"). I now believe my true calling in life is to be a Dire Poinging Freaking Wonder Ferret. (I knew I was getting into character when Lanse grabbed my character sheet and scribbled "short attention span" under Faults.) For those of you who didn't make it to this, you really missed out. Unglef was the Notorious G.R.A.G.G. and blessed with the skill of Bling (we never did figure out what that meant). Spike was Janara, of course, and took her skills in taunting paladins and entering rooms noisily. Tim was Lucretia the Goth Fairy, a truly evil little creature with a switchblade greatsword (complete with sound effects). Steve Page was Garish MacRae, a Scotsman who spent much of the game distilling Scotch and causing riots among the party members. ReaperBryan was the Auto Chef 5000, a robot from the future who doubles as a self-cleaning oven (his shininess caused Percival the Dire Poinging Freaking Wonder Ferret to climb him and pronounce him his new best friend). And Lord Warlord was Khong-To, who got his head twisted off and shown to him by Janara after he made the mistake of killing Gragg.

Special thanks to the Super 8 crowd: Spartan6, Kelcore, Baasen, Qwyksilver, Saint of Sinners, Eastman, and all the others, for providing hours of late-night merriment. (I want that Beer Elemental!) Spartan6 deserves special credit for talking with me about writing till two in the morning.

And thanks to all the wonderful people (Aryanun and her BONK!!, Star Drifter, Kellyn, Cutebutpsycho, and all those I forgot to mention) who made this weekend so wonderful, and last but not least, my own Georgia crowd (Spike, Steve Page, Unglef, and Lord Warlord) for getting us there safely and dealing with Spike and me yelling "Shapirooooo!" at every turn. The grin of amusement on Steve's face after watching me, in his words, "spazz out" for three straight hours on Friday morning said it all. I can't wait for the next ReaperCon!

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