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I am posting with this icon in case my boyfriend comes by and goes OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I think that would be cute.

Speaking of cute, you must check out iharthdarth.

I had no intention of watching The Closer, since I've been forced to sit through way too many ads involving Kyra Sedgewick's so-fake Southern accent. But now scarcrest says that people all over the place are comparing it to Homicide, so now I have to watch it even though I don't think I'm going to like it. Apparently Sedgewick's character is a ball-buster and her entire squad tries to transfer out. Could Hollywood please think of another way to indicate a female character is strong besides making her a total beeyotch?

Speaking of fucked-up women, Katie Holmes thinks Scientology is, like, cool. This is why friends don't let friends rebound with crazy guys who were on their first marriage when you were in elementary school.

Paris Hilton plans to retire in two years. Waitasecond, partying, shopping, and attention-whoring are now a career? Where do I sign up? has a little checklist up on its main page of the counts against Michael Jackson, for those of you keeping score at home or something. That's just fucked up. Also, a caption reads "Tense times for Jackson's fans outside court." Michael Jackson still has fans?!
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