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Why don't they give me the reality shows I really want?

After seeing Britney and Kevin: Chaotic last night (and being rather disappointed, even with the trashy wedding dress where you could totally see Britney's white-trash ass, because I was really expecting Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire), I'd like to suggest a truly entertaining celebrity reality TV show:

Hangin' with Dr. Buss!

Jerry Buss, to the guy shining his shoes: After you finish with that, make me another martini, Jeeves.

Guy, gritting his teeth: I told you my name is Mitch. Mitch Kupchak.

Jerry Buss: That's nice, Jeeves. You missed a spot.

Jeannie Buss: Daddy, can I have a pony? Daddy, can my boyfriend coach the Lakers?

Jerry Buss: Hold on, let me ask Kobe. (He turns to a purple-and-gold altar covered with jerseys, trophies, and a Kobe Bryant bobblehead.) Kobe, can Phil come coach? (He thwaps the table and waits to see which way the bobblehead bobs...)

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