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It's about time!

Finally someone is getting it together to let everyone know that the Religious Right does not speak for all the Christians in America. Check it out:

Sign the Jacksonville Declaration of the Christian Alliance.

I especially love their attempt to extrapolate what Jesus would say, according to the Religious Right:

"You are strong and powerful; your ideals are noble. Make war to spread those ideals."
"The end is near - So it doesn't matter what you do to my Father's creation."
"Heal the sick - Provided they can pay."
"All are welcome at the table - As long as they are the same as we are."
"Follow me - And help me form a government to force others to follow."

Good stuff. I really hope these folks can get off the ground. At any rate, I'm just happy to see them speaking up.
Tags: christianity, politics, religion, religious left

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