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I'll take my ball and go hooooooooooome!!

The next time some Republican starts bitching at me about how liberals are whiny crybabies, I'm going to throw this in their face:

Republican congressmen threaten to take away baseball's antitrust exemption if George Soros buys the Nationals

On that note, my plans for the night are either to let my boyfriend take me out to dinner or to play the NBA Draft Drinking Game so thoughtfully provided by ESPN:

Cliché (No. of sips)
"Upside" (1)
"The next..." (1)
"Best player available" (1)
"Need pick" (1)
"On the clock" (1)
"On the board" (1)
"Intangibles" (1)
"Tweener" (1)
"Sleeper" (-1)
"Athletic"/"Ath-a-letic" (2)
"Length" (2)
"Should've stayed at..." (3) "Needs to hit weights" (2)
"Weight problem" (3)
"Good character" (3)
"Questionable character" (-3)
Any Euro-bashing (5)
Any Duke-bashing (8)
"But I could be wrong" (10)
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