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Behold! My adorable new icon that the incomparabe spikepage made me! I like it so much I'm making it my default!

Of course, the irony is that the so-called Queen of Snark hasn't felt very snarky lately. Seriously, I feel like I ought to abdicate or something. These days I'm more like the Queen of Inappropriate Behavior. Or maybe the Queen of Inexplicable Mood Swings. The Queen of Swearing Too Much. Whatever.

And today I am bleary and crabby because I awoke to that sound that cat lovers dread: Sam barfing all over the place. Luckily it was on tile. Poor Sam got unceremoniously dumped out of the apartment. (Sam is my landlords' cat; he comes downstairs and scratches on my door when he needs extra affection, which is often because my landlords' Jack Russell is very jealous and will chase him around if she suspects he's getting more love than she is. Michael adores Sam and the feeling is mutual; Sam actually nips less now that he gets a regular dose of Michael of the mad kitty-fu doting on him and calling him Samwise. In fact, Sam has mellowed considerably in the past few years and I'm always glad to see him, unless he's trying to interrupt an intimate moment by jumping on Michael or something.) I should probably let my landlady know that he's been puking a lot lately. Might be time for some Cat-Lax. (Yes, it exists. No, I did not make it up.)

Michael must have been bored while I was out of town, because he finally caved to peer pressure and started a LiveJournal: mr_black_cat. I don't know if he's going to use it much, but he's already made one post more than eaterofgodz has (love ya, Dave, you're never going to see this!). Gotta love that he subtitled it "Alright, fine, I got a livejournal, now lay off."

I started to write something serious here, but decided it was too serious and belongs in another entry. If I feel like writing it. Or if I have time. Another big if. Actually, that's kind of what it was about -- not having enough time or money and feeling drained a lot of the time lately. I should post about it later, since it would probably be good for me to get some of that out.

I haven't written an entry like this in a long time! This is fun!

I will now interrupt my stream of consciousness to mock Rafael Palmeiro. He's gone from never using steroids to never intentionally using steroids? What, did he slip in the clubhouse and fall in a big puddle of steroids?

Yes, I realize this joke has probably already been made by about a million bloggers. No, I don't care.

Astronomers have apparently discovered a tenth planet. I feel smug because I was really into the solar system as a kid and have always been thoroughly convinced there was at least one more planet out there.

I'm trying to become creative again, and it's a lot harder than I thought.

There's not enough time to do all the things I want to do.

Dammit, this is starting to sound like cryptic_posts.

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