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Drowned rat, party of one.

I've spent the day checking compulsively, but I attempted to venture out on a library errand not quite an hour ago. Oops. In ten minutes, the sky went from dark-and-foreboding to look-it's-raining. Not that this was really any surprise; I just thought I'd have longer than that, and hadn't bothered to bring an umbrella. So I walked back in the rain. I didn't understand my boss' expression of horror till I went in the ladies' room to clean my glasses. Yech. Keep me away from the beautiful law students, I might scare them.

But as I told him, it is not possible for me to bitch about being wet right now. Though we're not close, I'm near sick with worry for scyllacat, whose last post was very ominous. Please keep her and everyone else in your prayers.

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