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"My government should not make me need Xanax."

I said that to my boss earlier this week, and I've since repeated it several times, because it just keeps being true.

This week I've seen a lot of very angry politicians on my TV, complaining about how nothing's being done about... steroids in baseball.

In the meantime, the morning DJs on 99X, who usually stick to lowest-common-denominator jokes about sex and booze, are tearing Mike Brown a new one. Toucher, who I generally regard as a moronic shock-jock, was hilarious in his impression of Brown whining on the stand that he wants to go back to his horses.

Shouldn't our elected officials be a little more concerned about Mike Brown perjuring himself that Rafael Palmiero perjuring himself?

Like I said, my government should not make me need Xanax.

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