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Great Moments in Gaming (or at least, Very Funny Moments in Gaming)

The moment this weekend in streamweaver's Eberron campaign that nearly made me fall out of my chair:

Martin the Irritable Ranger has gotten into a shootout with four kobolds disguised as halflings. Some of the arrows have gone astray into a crowd.

Town Watch: Hey, who's firing arrows into the crowd?... HEY!! You can't bring kobolds in here!
Martin the Irritable Ranger: I DIDN'T BRING THE GODDAMN KOBOLDS!!

Followed by jokes about kobold leash-laws.

In the meantime, as the other characters were getting possessed and finding out Deep Dark Secrets, my character, Nora the Insane Halfling Bard, was having a great time hanging out with the circus and dancing, getting drunk, and making out with strapping halfling lads. It's good to be Nora.
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