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Meow! Narf!

This morning I was filling the cats' bowls and found myself wondering, what are they going to do today? Well, everyone knows the correct answer to that question is always "The same thing we do every day, Pinky, try to take over the world." Which of course got me thinking. Heidi's a pretty smart cat. I wouldn't call her a genius, in fact it took her almost a week to figure out the scratching ramp, but she looks like she knows what's going on. Especially when she's giving Katie that Stare of Death. So I'll guess she can hold up half of the Brain's job. But Katie... Last night Katie managed to knock over both the scratching post and the cat cube, then went running across the apartment for no discernible reason. Katie is as silly as at least two Pinkies. So, I don't think the world needs to worry about being taken over, but I think I do need to worry that my apartment will be flooded with cotton candy when I get home...

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