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If you don't get what is wrong with this picture, I sure as hell can't explain it to you.

And that is the reason I have virtually ceased making any sort of political posts, because either I'm preaching to the choir or taking hits from people who call me partisan and stupid even though nothing Bush does resembles the responsibility conservatives pride themselves on.

But this link from oletheros is just too much for me to pass up.

"Did the President tell the entire nation that he would decrease our dependence on Middle Eastern oil? Well, he didn't mean it literally."

I keep wondering how long till kids are telling their parents, "I didn't lie to you. I just didn't mean it literally."

I'm just frustrated beyond belief. Not surprised, but frustrated and furious that this is apparently okay, and a huge portion of the nation (including some of the people reading this) think this is acceptable behavior. We deserve better. We should be demanding better.

Writing this isn't even making me feel better, just vaguely pissed off because I know someone will jump in with a response that I cannot fathom about Why Whatever W. Does Is Okay.

It's way too early to need a drink.

Oh, and you know something that bugs me? Those SUV-drivers who have those smarmy nyah-nyah "W. The President" stickers on their gas-guzzlers? They usually have two or three of them. What, are they afraid they'll forget which letter it is if they just have one?

And say what you will about me, I've never tailgated someone with a Bush sticker while holding up handwritten signs and yelling, as that asshole who scared the crap out of me in 2004 did.

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