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Well, I have a fun little problem.

I may have mentioned before that Katie's mom was killed when she was three weeks old and she was bottle-raised. I'm realizing now that while this made her very cuddly, it also means she missed a few important kitty lessons. Like how to clean yourself.

This week, Katie has been smelling extremely foul... like cat piss and cat poop. First of all, let me interrupt myself to explain that Katie loves pooping. It's her hobby. Every morning when I scoop the litter box, she comes running, hops in as I'm still cleaning it, and poops in my face. And this cat has the foulest-smelling poop imaginable. And she LOVES to poop. Like, once I woke up in the middle of the night and found her sitting in the litter box, like it's her favorite place to hang out or something.

Why can't she have a normal hobby like Heidi?

Oh yeah, Heidi's hobby is beating Katie up...

Seriously, these two. I have no idea if they like each other or not. Occasionally they'll groom each other, but usually that turns to fighting within thirty seconds. I have learned that when I'm not around they're fine, but most evenings when I walk in the door they hear me coming and get into Ass-Beating Position with their little furry paws around each other's throats. I think they're doing it for attention. "Quick, Mommy's coming!" But I digress.

So, this morning the disgusting reached whole new levels, which means I'm going to have to bathe Katie and worse, I'm going to have to trim her back fur since she apparently can't be arsed (pun intended) to keep poop out of it. Bathing her might not be the end of the world because she likes water and often jumps up on the side of the tub to investigate, but I have no idea how I'm going to give her a haircut. This may end in gouges...

In better kitty news, Heidi has decided that being aloof is for the birds and she wants love. She especially likes to give head nuzzles. This, as you would probably guess, is utterly adorable.

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