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I need a +8 dex item just to keep me from accidentally killing myself

In the latest installment of "How the hell did you manage to do that, Kelly?!":

At work, I was sitting in my rolly chair and decided to pick up a couple of books lying on the floor. Somehow, I managed to lose my balance and, almost in slow-motion, the chair toppled over. I hit my butt and bent my neck on the way down, then sprawled on the floor for a moment reflecting on how lucky I felt to have not snapped my neck.

Oh, and this made a horrific crash that brought my boss running. The insult-to-injury part, as I had to attempt to explain what happened. Luckily, I think he's used to me tripping over my own feet by now.

I should have an awesome bruise on my ass. NO, I will not post pictures of it.

Oh, and I followed all this with the Great Printer Malfunction of Monday. Dammit, it's been Monday all daaaaaaaaaaay.

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