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musings on Thief.

It's official: Tuesday night is The Most Depressing Night in Television. We've got House, where the characters treat each other like shit and never learn anything; Law and Order: Special Melodrama Unit, where Dick Wolf works out all his sexual neuroses and Stabler goes TICK TICK; The Shield, which is just fifty-seven different flavors of fucked up; and now Thief.

Thief is making me realize just what a great show Homicide was, because the other actors could at least hold their own with Andre Braugher. He didn't completely take over the show (I know some would disagree, but that's my feeling on it). I feel guilty saying this because anything that gets Braugher paid is good, but... Thief bores me. The only actor who can possibly keep up with Braugher is the kid, and their scenes are awesome, but the rest of the time it's boring boring, when are we getting back to Braugher? And would the hit man with Parkinson's just go ahead and kill the boss' snotty nephew? And the main reason I'm interested in that subplot is because the snotnose is just that annoying. But yeah. I think Nick is an interesting character; he's a little bit Pembleton, a little bit Vic Mackey. The dynamic with him and Tammy is great. But the rest... aren't crime shows supposed to be more interesting? This is the damn whiniest crime gang I've seen in a while. If there's going to be another season, and I wonder how they can pull it off, Nick and Tammy should go on the lam because that way we're guaranteed more Braugher.

This post was a whole lot more interesting and intelligent in my head. I blame it on the low blood sugar.

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