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maaaaaybe Kelly watches too much Murder TV

As I've stated before, Tuesday night is The Most Depressing Night on Television, and in particular, the 10 PM Eastern slot should be known as The Hour of DOOOOOOOOOM. This is the time slot for Law and Order: Special Fucked-Up Sex Victims and Even More Fucked-Up Detectives Unit, The Shield (ba-da-bump-bump-ba-DAHHHHHH!!! what a great theme song), and (the most likely cancelled by now) Thief. Since choices 2 and 3 were not on and watching SVU generally ruins my chances of getting laid as James is very understandably not in the mood after watching an hour of sicko sex crimes, I flipped the TV to Boston Legal, which I saw once and liked and then didn't see it again because hello, nothing competes with The Shield.

After an hour of laughing our asses off, the credits rolled, and I turned to James and said "That was nice! No one got killed!"

ETA: Yes, I know, Rescue Me too. I'm sorry. Even though I loooove Denis Leary, I gave up because the show was making me too depressed. Thus proving my theory.

ETA2: *points at new Boston Legal icon*

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