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various and sundry crap

  • Bullet-style, because I can.
  • bellwitch gave me an adorable haircut last night. Nice and short because it's too damn hot for long hair, especially when your hair is as stringy as mine. Her new salon in Little Five Points is called Pin Up Girl Cosmetics and it's adorable and you should all go see her.
  • So now that bellwitch has cut my hair and spudmanson has dyed it strawberry, I feel cute.
  • James stared at my hair for two minutes when he saw it. Only he was talking too, so I wasn't sure if he had noticed. I was about to ask when he said "I like your hair."
  • bellwitch cut atomicnumber51's hair once four years ago while she was visiting me, but Natalia still remembers her. "Oh yeah! The miracle worker who fixed my hair!"
  • You guys should come to margarita_fri tonight. I'm just sayin'.
  • I'm trying hard to care about the NBA Finals, but it's just not the same without my beloved basketball boyfriend Steve Nash.
  • Last night in the fourth quarter, when I realized the score was eightysomething to seventysomething:

             Me (singsong):  I miss the Su-uns...
             James: Why?
             Me: Cuz they score a hundred and teh-en...

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