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Good grief, my cat is stupid.

First of all, Heidi wants you all to know that she is Not Amused that her picture is being used for this post. However, I do not currently have a Katie icon. ellimayhem and I finally figured out the reason for Katie's unbelievable cuteness: she has a tiny head and huge eyes, for that Anime Kitty effect. Unfortunately, she always squints when the flash on my camera goes off and therefore the adorable is lost.

Also, Katie chews on damn near everything. Including my glasses and James' glasses as well.

So James calls me today.

Me: Hey sweetie, how are you?
James: Umm... your cat is in the living room chewing on something that looks suspiciously like your contraceptive.

Luckily the contraceptive in question was an old NuvaRing that I had actually thought to myself "wow, I bet Katie would have a ball with this" and then in a moment of complete idiocy, left in the tub. Once we ascertained that we had no reason to panic on the birth control front, we laughed for about five minutes.
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