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I've been out of town, hanging out in Pensacola with James' family. It was nice. James' family is really amazingly functional and they've already adopted me. I may write about it; I may not. So if you've posted something important in the past week, assume I haven't seen it. I did see the new Pirates (yay!) and Serenity (Joss Whedon I hate you hate you HATE YOU). I also lost my phone, which I finally found again, but that's why hardly any of you have heard from me.

Now, a conversation that shows what different things our minds are on these days:

Watching VH1's World Series of Trivia. A commercial for My Fair Brady comes on -- featuring Adrienne's bachelorette party, which involves her showering with hot chicks that she then makes out with. James and I slowly turn to look at each other.

James: NO.
Me: You mean I can't shower with hot chicks at my bachelorette party?
James: I mean we're not watching that. *beat* You can shower with hot chicks at your bachelorette party. Especially if you videotape it for me.

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