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This is why you shouldn't procrastinate, folks.

Listen up, kids. I'm going to tell you why procrastinating doesn't pay.

I'm putting together a fairy costume for Dragon*Con, and so far my attempts to find light blue stockings have gone absolutely nowhere. Google to the rescue! I found the perfect finishing touches at We Love Colors and could have ordered them yesterday, except the nice people at We Love Colors are located in Miami and were closing early. Because hello, hurricane coming.

So, cost breakdown:

Baby blue fishnet thigh-highs and lace hotpants: $20
Overnight shipping to make sure they get here before I leave for con: $21.01

Yes. The shipping cost more than the lacy stuff. DON'T PROCRASTINATE, KIDS!!

Of course, as arkhamrefugee pointed out:

arkhamrefugee: Now, the question here to test the sanity factor... Are you planning on wearing the hotpants, getting likkered up and making out with your fiance like whoa?
kellinator: well DUHHHHHHHHH
arkhamrefugee: Okay, well in that case... ACCEPTABLE EXPENDITURE.

BTW, if I like the stuff from this website, then you should all check it out, because they have fishnets etc. in 45 colors. I shit you not.
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