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In lieu of actual Studio 60 commentary...

Questions I'd like to ask Aaron Sorkin: 

  • So if Harriet's from Michigan, how come she's a Southern Baptist?
  • Have you ever actually met any Christians besides Kristin Chenoweth?
  • Speaking of, when is she going to get around to suing your ass?
  • How did you ever get her to date your pompous ass in the first place anyway?
  • Do you really think cocaine is less dangerous than alcohol?
  • Are you back on the blow? Because you won't shut up about it.
  • When exactly did you start believing your own hype?
  • Did you realize there's a difference between witty and funny?
  • Isn't it a little hypocritical of you to attack reality TV when you're mining so much of your work from your own life (and your ex-girlfriend)?
  • Do you have any idea how ridiculous your obviously-referring-to-yourself-and-your-brilliance-and-doing-a-drama-set-at-the-UN dialogue sounds?
  • Why does my fiance inexplicably love your smug, irritating, pretentious show?
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