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what happens when you don't read the BPAL fine print

Seriously, how much of an airhead am I? Somehow I became convinced that the Halloween update was only available till Halloween itself, and then when my decants got delayed because of the Pumpkin Queen debacle, I panicked and ordered a couple of 5mls unsniffed. Only this morning did I realize that everything was actually available until December 1 and I'd jumped the gun. So if I had been S-M-R-T and waited, I'd have found out from the decant that while Creepy does smell delish, nycorson is right and it is pure sugar. James was all "that IS pure sugar. No, I don't need to come over and smell it, I can smell it over here" from the other side of the room. Little does he realize that there's a bottle of Quincey Morris on the way for him, also unsniffed, because I had a feeling it would be perfect for him and so I went ahead and ordered it because I didn't think I'd have time to wait for the decant. Though if I'm honest half the reason I ordered it is I loved Quincey Morris in Dracula, he was probably my favorite character next to Mina, and I am going to be so disappointed if this scent doesn't work for either him or me.

Shame about Creepy. I love the foody scents, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that they just don't work on me, with the exception of Monster Bait: Underpants which of course costs a zillion dollars. So far all the chocolates have been a distaster on me, and Miskatonic University and Cockaigne seemed to start out nice, but then I got this weird acrid note and I think I'm the only one who can smell it, but it drives me crazy. I'm wearing Jack now (courtesy of nycorson, thanks!) and I keep sniffing to see if that note's there. Okay, I don't think Creepy has that note, but I'm not sure if I can pull off the slathered-in-sugar either.

Oh well. On the bright side, at least I'll have time to order a bottle of Lucy Westenra or Carpathian Mountains if I fall in love with either decant. And as I told myself when I ordered Quincey, if I don't want it, someone else will. (Unless I change my mind in the next few days, I'll likely have a bottle of Creepy available.) It's just the dumb mistake that I'm mad about. I mean, I'm supposed to be S-M-R-T!! (Just realized that the person most likely to appreciate that reference [atomicnumber51] doesn't even read LJ anymore. Dammit.)

While I'm at it, what's the best way to apply BPAL out of bottles? I was just about to comment in sinandsalvation that I wanted ten of the 5ml wand caps when the seller posted they were all gone. Again, dammit.
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