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for the three of you who crochet

Yes, I know everybody knits, and nobody crochets, except for me because

1). my grandmothers taught me and so when I crochet it gives me this warm gooshy feeling
2). everyone tells me crocheting is faster and easier than knitting
3). I am way too fucking lazy to learn how to knit when I'm not even particularly good at crocheting.

So I went in on a yarn order with a knitting-fiend co-worker and now, for the first time in my crocheting life, I have three balls of real, luxurious, non-Wal-Mart, non-Michaels yarn. It's Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK, in a lovely teal green, and I just want to sit here and pet it. To that effect, I need to crochet this into a scarf I can compulsively pet. But this yarn is so pretty, it seems a shame to just put it into a bunch of lines of double crochet. Does anyone have any very easy scarf patterns appropriate for alpaca? Crochet only, please. The knitters have taken over teh intarwub.

I reserve my right to decide that this is all too complicated and just put it into a bunch of lines of double crochet. Obviously I like the double crochet or I wouldn't use it all the damn time.
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