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BPAL blatherings

I've been wearing a lot of Monsterbait: Underpants lately and I swear I think I love it even more every time I wear it. It's the one foody-type scent that doesn't seem to get that bitter acrid note on me. Cockaigne smells a lot like it in the bottle, but gets acrid on me in a way I don't think I like (as do most of the chocolates and Jack, if memory serves). I'm getting all neurotic about the limited-editionness of Underpants, so can anyone recommend some similar scents for me? I've heard Tushnamatay and Bastet come close, if anyone has imps they'd be willing to part with. Or if you have any extra Underpants that need a good home, let's discuss terms. I have a bottle of Quincey Morris coming that I'm pretty sure neither James or I will be able to use.
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