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merry Christmas, baby

James has a real problem with waiting to give gifts on the days they're supposed to be given. To this day I don't think he's managed to wait till the actual date of a holiday to give me the designated gift. And yeah, Christmas this year is no exception. He's been after me for two weeks wanting to know when he could give me my present. I gave in last night. It's a beautiful bracelet and earring set.

But that's not the best gift he gave me last night.

I was having one of my periodic freakouts, where I go into self-loathing and say things like "I'm worthless" and just generally have to be left alone until I come out of it. James left me in the bedroom and turned out the light so I could nap. A few minutes later, I heard him come back in and I wondered why, because I didn't want to talk, just wanted to be alone...

And then I realized what he was doing. He was taking off my shoes so I could nap. 

It was so damn sweet I started crying.

Damn, I'm a lucky woman.
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