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stupid cat tricks

I keep telling you guys how stupid Katie is. 

Tonight Show audience: "How stupid is she?"

Yesterday I heard some disturbing banging around. At first I thought it was the landlords' dog on the stairs, but I slowly realized that the sounds were coming from within my apartment, by the washer and dryer. I headed over to check.

There was Katie, stuck behind the dryer. Don't ask me how she managed to do that. And she didn't seem too disturbed by it, either. She'd meow back pitifully at me when I meowed at her, but showed no other signs of distress. 

Like a good kitty mommy, I came to the rescue, throwing all my weight against the dryer to make enough room for her to get out.

She just stared at me. Even when I started shouting "Dammit, Katie, move!"

Eventually I gave up until James came in (yes, I know, take away my feminist card). After finally getting the furry little idiot out, he announced, "Next time she does that, we're leaving her back there for two hours after we realize she's there." Sadly, I think Katie is too stupid to learn the lesson there.

And within five minutes, what is Katie doing? Climbing around on top of the dryer, ignoring my yells.

But what concerns me the most is that later I caught her on my phone with R. Kelly's producer, trying to pitch something she called "Trapped Behind the Dryer."

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