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What really astonishes me is that I still have the energy to be outraged.

Yet another glaring example of the triumph of what you say over what you do:

"The one thing the president has said is, whatever you do, make sure you support the troops," press secretary Tony Snow said at the White House. "And the question people who support this resolution will have to ask is, how does this support the troops?"

Could we please get a textbook definition on what it means to "support the troops"? Because I fail to see how sending even more of an overtaxed military over to guaranteed death and bloodiness (remember, Bush told us that one himself) in a plan that gives us no compelling reason to believe it'll work any better than what's come before is "supporting the troops." 

*sigh* I don't know why I even bother posting this. I might as well make this somehow worthwhile by giving a plug to people who actually support the troops.
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