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Don't be ridonkulous!

I'm not watching House this week. It's my way of logging a silent (read: meaningless) protest of the ridonkulousness (wherever you are, iharthdarth, thank you for that word) of last week's episode, and really the majority of this season. If the writers insist on smoking crack, couldn't they at least spring for the good crack?

I never bothered to make a post about last week's episode, mainly because it pretty much lost me from the get-go when Cuddy announced to House that she was going to make him do clinic duty until he found some humanity. Do you know him? House doesn't have humanity. House doesn't need humanity. House needs Vicodin. This is not meant to condone Vicodin abuse, just point out that House -- and ergo, the writers -- have gone to really great lengths to keep House from changing. And after all the self-congratulation the writers have done about creating such a mean character, then why suddenly play the "he was abused" card? If I'd seen anything to suggest this was organic, that the writers had this in mind -- then maybe I could buy it. But it really just seems like something they stuck in for the Afterschool Special episode to wash the taste of Tritter out of our fed-up mouths.

And one more thing -- Cuddy, WTF?! I really don't get her whole "I own you" tack on House, especially considering she's the one who committed perjury. Again, have you met House?!
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