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O ye of little faith...

The sports media has righteously pissed me off in the past couple of days by carrying on like Phoenix got blown out of the gym by the Spurs in game 1. Phoenix barely lost, and I still say they wouldn't have if they just could have gotten Steve Nash's nose to stop bleeding. Jeez, how often do two point guards bump into each other and come out looking like boxers? And Steve had that blood gushing out of his nose and still hit the game-tying three. And then tried to run back out on the court -- never mind what his coach said -- with the blood gushing. Tell me that's not an MVP.

Marc Stein and company are carrying on like all is over because Steve called out his teammates. No. Steve smells blood. Steve is pissed as hell that he got kept out of the end of the game and he's going to make San Antonio pay. The Spurs have championships. They're old, they're tired, and they're bored. And Steve is hungry.

I saw it on his face walking into the gym with all those stitches in his nose. Oh, Steve! Let me kiss it and make it better!
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