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semi-liveblog for The Shield

I had to use the Frank and Tim icon because I don't have a Dutch icon. I love Dutch. Except for the part about him being kinda creepy and having horrible taste in women.

Actually, when I say "women" I mean "Tina." Why is that bitch back on my TV? I was entertaining thoughts Dutch was finally going to grow up...

Now that she's captain, Claudette is out of the loop more than she ever was before.

Amazing how they managed to move Billings from buffoonish jerk to semi-sympathetic dad in one episode.

Karma, thy name is LexisNexis.

The only way that Vic manages to get away with this shit is he's amazingly smart.

Am I the only one starting to wonder how much longer it will be before Vic commits forcible rape, if he manages to live that long?

Shane is such a bad liar, it's amazing he's made it this far.

Vic's got like a Bluff of +30.

Was Aceveda ever the idealist he portrayed himself as, or was he really just waiting till he could get rotten?

Is Julien just the worst idea ever for the Strike Team or what? Is Claudette working an angle?

If Shane's such a bad liar and Vic's so smart, then how come hasn't Vic caught on yet? Because Vic has a really low Wisdom score.

That Wisdom score also keeps him from realizing that he can't boss around the whole world.

Ronnie... ever the loyal soldier. You'd think he would have realized at this point that Strike Team = Death and Destruction and Forsaking Your Immortal Soul. Or maybe he just doesn't care.

I got out of the Rescue Me habit a long time ago, but DAMN Denis Leary is hawt.

James and I are now arguing over how The Shield will end. He thinks Vic could actually retire or something. I say The Shield is a tragedy, and tragedies only end one way: with the death of the tragic hero. Though if you could pin Vic down to just one tragic flaw, I'd be impressed.

Wow. Occam's Razor in action.

Ironic how Cavanaugh is the one who actually "solves" the mystery in the end.

Wow, gotta love Vic's "you didn't ask ME before you killed him?" reaction.

OHHHHHH. Shane WENT there.

I'm befuddled. How can anyone watch this show and NOT know how it will end?
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