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I tried to tell David Stern, but did he listen to me? Noooooo.

There are 10.6 seconds left to go in Game 3 of the NBA finals, and San Antonio is leading Cleveland by a possession, 73-70. And I just realized to my utter shock that I really don't give a damn. Like, it's not even a case of not caring who wins. It's just that the game is so ugly and so messy and so bland that I really just can't bring myself to pay any attention even though usually I love these tense moments at the end of games.

OMG these announcers SUCK. The crowd just started screaming as one "LET'S GO CAVS" and do they stop telling their boring stories/making their inane comments so we can vicariously enjoy the crowd and the atmosphere and the sheer joy of being a fan? Nooooooo. Then they wouldn't get as much face time.

Maybe I just can't really enjoy playoff basketball in the end because of the style of play. That "defense wins championships" cliche -- I'm starting to wonder if it's really just code for "you can't survive the long playoffs unless you 1). have a significant goon factor and 2). are so afraid of losing that you play cheap basketball, like the game in the '40s where one team was so desperate they just held the ball as long as they could and that was why the shot clock had to be initiated because the game was so bad people were reading the newspaper during the game." I mean, if I wanted to see people beat the hell out of each other, I'd watch boxing, which at least has footwork.

It just drives me nuts because I believe basketball is so beautiful to watch when it's graceful, and I hate to see it when it's ugly. I want to watch a game where both teams know what they're doing, instead of just trying to fake each other out with sloppy play.

Maybe what bothers me about the Spurs is that they are so coolly businesslike, that it just doesn't seem like a team to me. I like my romanticized childlike version of sports. Dynasties used to be cool, like the Celtics and the Bulls! I'm so sick of hearing about the San Antonio dynasty because it's BORING!

*watches last six seconds* Holy shit. This is just a mess. Who takes any joy in watching this? Sloppy basketball, bad officiating, game ending on a disputed call -- WTF?!

I think I'm on to why David Stern makes his wacko proclamations on high. When he announced the dress code and got all the media attention in October, of all times, he got the taste for it and decided if he made decisions that were good for the league, he would just fade into the background, while if he made ones that made people question his sanity, well then people would always be talking about him. I'm on to you, David Stern. You're an attention whore. Man, I hope nobody tells you about LiveJournal.
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