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Sweet, sweet justification.

Wow. I'm checking out David Stern's press conference on and he looks ROUGH. He's also not making a whole lot of sense in my opinion; he just brought up 9/11, for heaven's sake. Wow, I might actually feel bad for him if he hadn't insisted on acting like such a complete and total power-mad douchebag. 

For those of you who don't pay attention to the NBA, which is 99.5% of my friendslist, what I'm going on about is the fact that late last week, the FBI alleged that a NBA referee, Tim Donaghy, had been betting on the games he officiated and was linked to a points-shaving Mob operation. And the overwhelming reaction from NBA watchers was not "I can't believe this!", but "I figured. Which ref was that again?" I'm not even going to both posting all the links to the commentary saying just that. I will invite you to imagine what happened to my blood pressure when I found out that Donaghy called game 3 of the Suns-Spurs series this spring that had me swearing the fix was in. 

OMG is he now trying to claim that even though a ref was on the take from the mob there really wasn't that much of a difference? I think he's trying to put everyone to sleep before they can ask any hard questions. 

Anyway, the best part so far has been David Stern claiming that "This was an ISOLATED INCIDENT involving ONE INDIVIDUAL" at the same time that Donaghy is offering to name names. 

Oh, now he's trying to blame the FBI for all of this. Don't ask me how. 

So what I'm really trying to figure out is, why would the Mob be rooting for the Spurs? At least until this postseason, the Spurs were supposed to be "classy." Maybe Bruce Bowen reminds them of Luca Brazi.
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