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So James called me on his break at work a few minutes ago. He asked if I was checking out any of the new fall shows, and I tried to explain why I'm reluctant to get hooked on anything new since we don't have a TiVo:

Me: I just don't want to get any more shows I feel obligated to watch. That doesn't work so well with the exciting lives we lead.
James: Yeah., and it means I can play my video games!

Then we laughed for five minutes.


Btw, lately I've actually done at least half the video game-playing in the house lately since I got addicted to Persona 3, and so far I've checked out two new shows: K-Ville, which is unfortunately a disaster for reasons I'll try to explain later, and Reaper, which I probably would have liked better if Entertainment Weekly hadn't already spoiled all the good jokes. This postscript is brought to you by Kelly's Obsession With Pop Culture.
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