Madam President, Queen of Snark (kellinator) wrote,
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Screw the Atlanta Ballet

James and I went to see the Atlanta Ballet's version of The Great Gatsby over a year ago. It was okay, but I'm really starting to regret that we went, because the Atlanta Ballet will not leave me the fuck alone.

I've asked their telemarketers to take me off their list several times, but still they keep calling, and you cannot shut them up or get a word in edgewise. They keep goingandgoingandgoing... and when I finally lost it at this latest guy and told him I didn't appreciate the high-pressure sales tactics, he started telling me he wasn't high-pressure at all and got himself hung up on. Look buddy, eye of the beholder. You telling me you're not high-pressure... just makes you that much more high-pressure. Jackass.

These people are working really hard to ensure that when we have money again, we won't be spending it on ballet tickets.
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