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What a week.

I've been walking around today in a perpetual state of worry -- lifted for a few whimsical moments when Ian dropped in by Innovox, but now back. This state was intensified by reading through the entries on Vidicon's friends list, which should surprise no one.

I'm just sick at heart thinking about all the innocents who are going to get hurt. Make no mistake, I believe we have to do something. Otherwise those responsible will attack again and kill more innocents. But my gosh, do we *have* to go about it in this clumsy, revenge-driven manner which politicians like Zell Miller are espousing? How dare he say "the hell with collateral damage." Got news for you buddy, WE'RE collateral damage. For the U.S. to go after innocent civilians with no regard just because we want blood makes us just as bad as the monsters who started this.

I know there's no way to keep civilians completely out of harm's way, but I'm not convinced that our leaders have considered the best ways to do what must be done. Right now the prevailing mood seems to be "kill 'em all," both there are here. I shudder when I hear about some of the things being said and done to Arab-Americans. Did someone miss the "American" part?

Tonight when I go to bed, I will pray for America, for all the American victims and heroes. And I will pray for the Afghanis too. Not all of them are the enemy. Most of them are just like you and me.

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