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Sons of Anarchy

So I checked out Sons of Anarchy tonight, because in twelve episodes there's going to be a Shield-shaped hole in my heart and I thought it might fit the bill, especially since the creator has worked on The Shield and all (and, also, I seem to be developing a thing for Ron Perlman. Blame Hellboy). I dug it -- Katey Segal in particular is awesome as the mom you'd better not fuck with -- but towards the end I did start questioning if I could really get into it (the violence is pretty fucking stomach-turning, and considering I was just expressing my love for The Shield, you know I don't say that lightly). But then I watched the "coming this season" bit (James gives me so much shit for wanting to know what's going to happen next, but I digress):

You know how every once in a while on The Shield some bigshot federal investigator shows up and gets on Dutch's last nerve for being a bigshot? Revenge is sweet. The Sons of Anarchy apparently attract the attention of a bigshot fed... played by Jay Karnes. This is almost as good as that proposed Dutch spinoff!


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