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Damn cats

Nick and Sam, my landlords' cats, do a lot of sweet and adorable things.

This is not a story about one of those.

atomicnumber51 and I agree that the most disgusting noise on Earth just might be a cat barfing. It certainly wakes me up where my alarm clock won't.

This morning I heard Nick the little barf rocket tossing his cookies all over the place. I got up and tried to pick him up and throw him out, but the bastard ran, with an expression on his face that clearly said "Why are you bothering me? I'm just being a cat."

In the meantime Sammy dragged his lardass up from the bed where he'd been sleeping at my feet and had a look. "Hmmm... what is this? Can I eat it?" Sure enough, he helps himself.

Damn cats.

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