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Damn Russians

And the gold medal for being whiny crybabies goes to the Russians...

The Russians were already threatening to pull out of the Olympics based on their bossy skating judges actually (finally, I say) getting called on the carpet and other claims of ill-treatment, like too many of their athletes getting drug-tested. (If their athletes weren't doping up, it wouldn't matter, now would it?) In one article which I unfortunately couldn't find to link, the Russians actually threatened that the Olympics would be lost without them. I say don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. We did fine without you in '84.

Now the are complaining that they got screwed last night in the women's figure skating, despite the fact that bratty, whiny Irina Slutskaya, who (whom?) they claim should have won, skated like a robot trying to vogue.

If the Americans made claims like that, we'd get roasted in the international media, and rightly so.

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