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Smart cat, stupid human tricks

The scene: My place, this past weekend. I'm sitting. The cats are sitting in front of me.

Me: Hit each other! Hit each other! Smack each other for my entertainment!

A beat.

Then, Heidi smacks Katie.


just because I'm curious.

Who would win in a fight?

Brock Samson

My latest political theory

Political affiliation aside, Americans in general seem most comfortable when they have a First Lady they can respect and a Vice President they can make fun of.

*This theory brought about by memories of my own childhood under Bush 41, this article, and a conversation James and I had after Jimmy Fallon made the joke "They lit the first candle on the menorah at the White House tonight, then Joe Biden blew it out and made a wish":

James: Is Joe Biden really that stupid?
Me: No, everyone's just so relieved that the Vice President is back to being a genial goof instead of Darth Cheney.


Mar. 17th, 2010

You probably already heard that irana passed away this morning. I don't really feel like I have the right to make this post; so many of you knew her so much better. Dude, I think she knew everyone in Atlanta. But people touch our lives in ways both great and small, so here goes.

I had to be introduced to Tasha like the first six times I met her. For some reason I could never remember her name! But she never held it against me; in fact, it became a running gag. Though we didn't see each other often, every time she greeted me I felt special, because it was always with joy. Joy and fun and living life to the fullest, those are the things I'll think of every time I remember her. 

Bye, Tasha. My life is richer for having known you, and poorer now that you're gone. Wherever you are, I hope there's a lot of cute yaoi boys. 

Slam of the day, from yours truly

I'm sure he's good at something, I'm just starting to think it's mouth-breathing.
Pretty much every year I make a new year's resolution that I'm going to learn how to cook and actually do it, and since I make it every year you can guess how successful it is. I didn't make a resolution for it this year, I just kinda started doing it. The deep freeze was actually a real stroke of luck for me cooking-wise because when I realized how bad it was going to be that Thursday night, I looked through Everyday Food (I'd just gotten it recently after long coveting it -- James was skeptical at first, I think he thought it was just more food porn), made a list, and got enough groceries to last the weekend. So there I was with all the stuff I needed and it started to become more routine. Everything I've made so far from that cookbook has been excellent. I've been making a lot of pureed vegetable soups and crumbling up fresh whole-grain bread in them. It seems like I've been reading Mark Bittman for so long that it kinda feels like I hit a critical mass and finally internalized "eat food, not too much, mostly plants" (yeah, I know, that's actually Michael Pollan, not Bittman). (Right now we're working on the plants part and I'll worry about the not too much later.) James is even giving relatively good feedback considering what a picky eater he is, though at one point I did announce "you can not eat a pound of bacon every day, you will have a heart attack." 

I really think the most important thing is to stay away from the processed crap as much as possible and use fresh ingredients. 

Tonight: Butternut squash soup. Has anyone ever had their hands start peeling from handling butternut squash? Mine look like when we'd put glue all over our hands in elementary school so we could peel it off. 

I really hope I can keep from backsliding now that I've posted this. 



I have to buy my husband a Snuggie.*

*Technically, I don't HAVE to, but my mom gave me a fluffy new robe for Christmas and this may be the only way I can get it back. I am somewhat comforted by the fact that I know I am not the only LJer this has happened to. I won't out anybody but you know who you are and I'm thinking of you. 

Prep & Landing review

Some nice moments, and Timmy the little kid was surprisingly more adorable than annoying, but I wanna know who it was that decided what Christmas specials need is a douchebag protagonist, Office-style jokes that kids won't get and adults have already heard, and a theme that everyone hates their job no matter how cool it is, so I can beat that person with a stick till candy comes out.


On the Troll Market

Yo Cantina Scene, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Hellboy II had one of the best freaky monster bar scenes of all time!


In retrospect...

I'm not certain if V actually was interesting last night or if I just thought it looked interesting in light of the last two boring episodes. I guess this question will only be answered in March when I decide whether to continue watching it or not.